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Please find attached, for your use a complete set of pdf format maps for every area of Forestdale labelled by estate area name. There are also some other format maps of some areas.

Unfortunately the areas of Osward, Markfield & Crofters Mead are spread across 2 pdf maps and Hartscroft across 3 maps − all other areas are on a single pdf map.

The orange hatched areas on each map show the areas adopted and maintained by the council and dark blue lines or hatching denotes a public footpath.

You can use these maps to mark a specific location on them with the pdf pencil tool and communicate the specific locations to either council officers, councillors, managing agents, contractors, the police or anyone else, in your email communications with them. You can also zoom in for far more detailed marking of a location on the map by using the "zoom in" tool.

Select a map:

Estate Map: Forestdale Map Selson Woods Map

How to use the Maps

To use the map(s):

  1. Save the pdf format map(s) that interest(s) you in a folder.
  2. Protect this stored file in your folder as your master and ensure you don't overwrite this master with your electronic pencil marked versions.

In order to mark up a specific location on your map:

  1. Open up your master map.
  2. Select "Tools" from the menu header at the top of the map.
  3. Select "Pencil Tool"
  4. The cross hair cursor then changes into a red making up pencil tool with which you can "mark up" your pdf map.
  5. You can zoom in for far more detailed marking of a location on the map by using the "zoom in" tool − icon of a magnifying glass with the plus sign at its centre.
  6. To save ensure you enter a DIFFERENT name in the "save as" window box, in order to prevent overwriting your master, and then save to the location on you computer that you want.