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Management Company Affiliation to the FRA
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FRA Affiliation Details

The chairs of all the management companies and residents groups on the estate automatically:

  • receive invitations to the Forestdale Forward Group meetings annually, (providing they have communicated their contact details to the FRA)
  • can hire the community centre accommodation.

The FRA firmly believes that a low cost affiliation scheme between all management companies and the FRA can significantly contribute to their each individual remit of managing their respective private areas more effectively and efficiently for their residents. The model of a closer affiliation of management companies together with an estate wide residents association is one that works very well in other estates that had the foresight to set up such a system at the outset.

Many chairs and trustees of management companies have testified to the invaluable contribution regular attendance at the Forestdale Forward Group meetings has made to their management function, with onward long term benefits to their residents. The cost of running the Forestdale Forward Group of management companies has solely been borne by the FRA to date.

You can download an affiliation application form, then all you need do is bring in the application form to the community centre and speak to one of our staff in the members lounge area after midday.


An Affiliated Management Company annual subscription is based on 0.25p per property, so that for a residents group of say only 10 properties, the annual affiliation subscription fee is £2.50, whereas companies with say 100 properties would pay £25, and all others at the 25p per property pro rota rate.

In addition to the above, Management Company affiliation to the FRA provides:

  • a single free annual use of half the hall of the community centre
  • additional reduced rate hire of the community centre hall
  • the filing of documents under its own management company section  of the community website for access by its residents, thus having the potential to save on photocopying costs and improving communications with their residents, management companies may still have to consider the needs of any of their residents who might not have computers
  • it is hoped sometime in the future to make an additional small meeting room available for use or hire, at very modest cost, for affiliated companies

Please note the annual management company affiliation fee is to help cover the cost of:

  • running the Forestdale Forward Group
  • the one free use of the centre hall that all affiliated management companies will be entitled to
  • additional hall hire at a reduced rate

Management companies that are not affiliated to the FRA will still be invited to all Forestdale Forward Group meetings but will not benefit from the above.

Please note: Residents who live within an area managed by an affiliated management company are NOT members of the FRA, and if they wish to join the FRA must do so normally as individuals.