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Forestdale is in a great location. In the nearby Kent and Surrey countryside, the local Borough of Croydon and nearby London, there are limitless outstanding places of interest and opportunities for recreation, sport and leisure.

Listed below are just a few of the immediate places, very close to the estate, where families can walk, picnic or visit and children of all ages can play.
All of them are either a walk, or short bus, car or tram ride away.

Forestdale Green

Location:− Forestdale, at the corner of Featherbed Lane and Courtwood Lane
Triangular green with a very slight slope − ideal for children′s games.

Courtwood Children′s Playground

Location:− Forestdale, between Court Wood Lane and Brookscroft.
3/4 acre, 0.30 hectares.

  • Childrens Play Equipment
  • Kick-about area which is open all the time.

Selsdon Woods

Location:− Located in Selsdon with the main entrance off Old Farleigh Road.
Pedestrian entrances via gates from several points on the estate.
200 acres.

  • Woodland and Open Meadows
  • Pond
  • Shelter
  • Car Park (several bays available for the disabled) Old Farleigh Road entrance.
  • Selsdon Wood is owned by The National Trust but it is managed by the London Borough of Croydon Parks Department.

Addington Park

Location:− The Park is situated at the junction of Kent Gate Way and Gravel Hill. Tramstop at Gravel Hill or Addington Village.
24½ Acres, 9.92 hectares.

  • Historic Landscape
  • Sports Pavilion
  • Childrens Playground
  • Car Park (Off Kent Gate Way)

Addington Vale

Location:− Extends from King Henrys Drive in the north to Arnhem Drive in the south, Queen Elizabeth′s Drive runs along the western side, and Godric Crescent and Hares Bank to the east.
48 acres, 19.43 hectares.

  • Two Childrens Playgrounds
  • Car Park
  • Multi-Games Court
  • Childrens Designated Cycle Area

Spring Park

Location:− Adjacent to A2022, Addington Road.

  • Mature Woodland Walks
  • Wildflower Meadow
  • Pond
  • Games Pitches

Shirley Heath

Location:− Shirley, bordered by Shirley Church Road and the Shrublands Estate.
68 acres, 27.52 hectares.

  • Woodland
  • Open Heath
  • Football Pitches
  • Children′s Playground near the Shrublands Estate
  • Horse Ride across the heath
  • There is a Designated Cycle Path
  • (part of the Water Link Way) running through the park

Shirley Church Recreation Ground

Location:− Shirley, Shirley Church Road.
8.5 acres, 3.44 hectares.

  • Bowling Green and Pavilion
  • Netball and Tennis Courts
  • Childrens Playground
  • Small Car Park
  • Mature Trees set in Grassland


Location:− Upper Shirley, junction of Coombe Lane and Gravel Hill and Ballards Way, Upper Shirley. The Tram service for the park stops at Coombe Lane.
18 acres 7.28 hectares.

  • Woodland and Rhododendron Walks
  • Ornamental Gardens and Ponds
  • House (not open to the public) set in the grounds
  • Car Park (In Riesco Drive)
  • Cycling is not permitted within the grounds

Addington Hills

Location:− Bordered by Coombe Lane, Shirley Hills Road, and Oaks Road. The Tram service for the park stops at Coombe Road.
130 Acres, 52.62 hectares.

  • Addington Hills is open all the time
  • Car Park − off Shirley Hills Road and Oaks Road, at the junction with Coombe Lane
  • London Loop Walk
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Horse Rides
  • Viewpoint

Coombe Wood

Location:− Junction of Coombe Lane and Conduit Lane. The Tram service for the park stops at Coombe Lane and Lloyd Park.
14¼ Acres, 5.67 hectares.

  • Woodland and Ornamental Gardens
  • Car Parking is available in Conduit Lane
  • Cafe and toilets, also a shelter in the gardens
  • There is a small pond and waterfall along the Coombe Lane frontage. A Parks publication is available which provides a guided route around the site. The gardens and woods are closed at night. Cycling is not permitted within the grounds. There is a car parking bay available for the disabled.

Lloyd Park

Location:− Beside Coombe Road, Croydon. The Tram service for the park stops at Lloyd Park.
114 acres, 46.13 hectares.

  • Parkland with mature trees and woodland
  • Small Pond
  • Football
  • Cricket (juniors)
  • Cross Country
  • Lacrosse
  • Korfball
  • Changing Rooms
  • Toilets
  • Car Park (of Coombe Road)
  • Bowling Green and Pavilion
  • Childrens Playground
  • Horse Rides (Bridle path)
  • Recycling facilities for bottles and clothes

Littleheath Woods

Location:− Selsdon, surrounded by Croham Valley Road, Edgecoombe Road, Foxearth Road and Littleheath Road.
64 acres, 25.90 hectares.

  • Woodland with Footpaths
  • Bridle Path
  • Childrens Playground

Selsdon Recreation Ground

Location:− Selsdon, Woodland Gardens, off Old Farleigh Road.
10 acres, 4.05 hectares.

  • Football Pitches
  • Changing Rooms
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Car Park
  • Childrens Playground

Sanderstead Recreation Ground

Location;− Sanderstead, entrances in Limpsfield Road, Village Way and Rectory Park.
19½ acres, 7.89 hectares.

  • Junior Football Pitches
  • Cricket Wickets (seniors)
  • Bowling Green
  • Netball Court
  • Multi-Games Court
  • Sports Pavilion
  • Children′s Playground
  • Children′s Cycle Area
  • Car Park off Village Way

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