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Each individual estate area on Forestdale is managed by a private management company. These management company areas are funded by all the properties in that area paying a communal maintenance fee that covers the maintenance of the communal areas. Most management companies employ a managing agent to undertake the maintenance work and the company is overseen by an elected board of resident trustee directors which are elected onto the board by the residents in each area. The maintenance charge is in addition to the local council tax. The reason for this is that Forestdale is designated "a gardened estate" − an estate where the number of trees, bushes, shrubs and communal garden areas between the properties are beyond the capability of a local council to maintain. Such similar estates are not uncommon across the UK and can provide "quiet" residential "cul de sacs" that have a pleasant "green" nature.

In the majority of the privately managed areas of the estate covenants and estate rules apply.

The Restrictive Covenant is signed by each owner when they purchase a property in most parts of the estate. This governs the fact that they should not substantially change the nature, use or appearance of their property and obliges them to pay garden / maintenance rates. Each of them is an individual contract and they are hard if not impossible to amend. The management companies can enforce payment of garden rates and allow substantial changes but legal action against unauthorised changes can only be taken by individual owners.

Estate Rules

Estate Rules are made by the Management Company for the communal areas, paths and roads of a particular privately managed area and these can vary from area to area and include parking regulations. Trustee Directors have complete freedom on what rules to set though challenges on account of discrimination or unreasonableness may be possible − or residents may vote off the Trustees if a majority don′t like the rules.

In most parts of the estate, rules very similar or the same as the following apply:

  • The exterior appearance of buildings, walls and fences shall not be altered
  • No additional buildings, walls, fences and other erections shall be constructed
  • No houses shall be used for any purpose save that of a private residence for a single household and the garage for garaging a private motor vehicle
  • Standpipes in garage areas must not be removed or damaged
  • Nothing can be done on a piece of property which will be an alteration to or a departure from the overall landscaping of the estate
  • No plants, shrubs, trees or street furniture on community land can be picked, damaged, or injured
  • No musical instruments, radios or sound reproducing equipment shall be played on community land nor shall any games be played thereon which may prejudicially interfere with or cause damage, nuisance or annoyance to the owners or occupiers of other houses on the estate
  • All buildings walls fences and other erections must be maintained in good repair and be painted and treated regularly to be kept in harmony with neighboring properties
  • Residents should not allow their dogs to foul the communal and public areas of the estate and should control them at all times
  • No obstructions, rubbish or other material or objects can be left on communal land or property such as pavements, roadways, alleyways, stairs, corridors, etc.

Each area also has parking regulations which commonly include a ban on the parking of commercial vehicles in the private areas of the estate, no vehicle being allowed to park without valid insurance etc, no substantial vehicle servicing on communal property, amongst others.

All residents and prospective purchasers should familiarise themselves with the exact covenants and estate rules as they apply to them and their property, in their particular part of the estate.

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