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Concerns About Your Management Company
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We take this opportunity to remind all residents of the kind of steps that are open to them if they have concerns about the operation of their management company.

  • Write to the chair and the managing agent expressing your concerns and asking for a prompt reply.
  • Ask your management company committee to put you and your concerns as an agenda item at their next meeting, and ask to attend the meeting for that item and be allowed to speak to it, ask for a similar like minded neighbour to attend with you if you feel it necessary.
  • If no information is forthcoming about who is on the management company directors committee then the information on who are the directors should be available on the Companies House Register of Company Directors.
  • As part of a management company levying service charges on residents they have a duty to residents to be transparent as to how the management company operates, how the monies raised are spent and have mechanisms whereby residents can raise concerns and responses made to those residents.


  • If serious, speak to your neighbours and get a group of you to sign a petition or a communal letter. There is nothing to stop a group or an individual who has very real concerns to call at every property and canvas peoples opinions, and if they agree, get them to sign the petition or communal letter.
  • If sufficient people sign a letter calling for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) then the committee and managing agent have to convene a meeting in order that residents concerns can be aired and discussed.
  • Attend tri-ennial and annual meetings, speak at them about your concerns and vote people onto the committee who share your views on how things should be run.
  • Volunteer to assist the committee in an ex officio capacity with the running of your area until the next time that is available when you can stand for election onto the committee.
  • Stand for election onto your local committee.

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