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The Forestdale Residents′ Association

Residents′ Associations attempt to encourage all of us to work and lobby together to make residents′ neighbourhoods even better. Membership of The Forestdale Residents′ Association, with very tangible benefits, including social membership of The Forum Community Centre, is very inexpensive and open to anyone living within a reasonable distance of the centre, or from further afield.

The FRA exists to further the development and interests of the estate and all its residents, primarily by acting as tenant and trustees of the Forestdale Forum:

  • It acts as a forum for residents′ views, and acts as a significant lobby group furthering the interests of Forestdale.
  • It acts to safeguard, monitor and maintain The Forum Community Centre as the estate′s community centre. Some members of the FRA committee act as trustees for the Forum.
  • It offers a membership scheme of the Residents′ Association which is inexpensive, provides membership benefits, social opportunities to mix with local neighbours as well as the membership supporting the work of the FRA.
  • As well as providing social and recreational opportunities for its members there are also community activities for ALL sections of the local community. Monies raised by its social activities help finance the rent, management and upkeep of The Forum Community Centre.
  • A member of the FRA committee hosts the Forestdale Forward Group which meets three times a year. Every chair of every management company of Forestdale, or their representative, is invited to this group together with the chair(s) of the FRA, local councilors, our local police and local council officers as appropriate. This group discusses and attempts to address cross estate issues as they arise.


  • The Local Link community magazine is published by local printers − Bourne Lithographics and not by the Forestdale Residents' Association. All enquiries regarding The Local Link magazine should be addressed to Bourne. Phone: 020 8686 3464

    If you would like to receive an occasional email featuring local news and information and details of local events, with little or no advertising included, then please forward your email address, stating just that, to:

  • The FRA maintains this community website:

Group of FRA members and family  Diamond Jubilee celebrations
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