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The Forestdale Forum is our local community centre situated on the corner of Pixton Way and Bardolph Avenue. Its main function is to provide safe facilities for the local community where pre-schools, toddler classes, local council surgeries, residents meetings, police action committees and all manner of local clubs can meet, which include:−

Keep-fit classes and weight watchers meetings, local hobbyist and environmental group meetings, kids and toddlers clubs, Salvation Army services and activities, senior citizen "drop in" sessions and as well as a term time, weekday morning, pre-school nursery school.

The Forum is leased from a private landlord and several members of the Forestdale Residents′ Association currently act as trustees under the terms of the lease and the remit of its function as a local community centre. The day to day maintenance and operation of the Community Centre is managed by a full time manager and a small staff team. The Forum Community Centre exists to provide community, recreational, social and cultural activities for ALL sections of the local community.

In addition it also provides activities and events and some facilities for FRA members and their families or guests. Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to become a member of the FRA. Membership of The FRA and The Community Centre is community focussed, family and child friendly, senior citizen friendly, teetotal friendly, and all in a non smoking environment, with smokers catered for outside.


Facilities consist of a members lounge / bar area and a patio and enclosed garden. There is an adult and children′s size pool table, golf video machine, fruit machines and large screen projected television. All the major dates in each year have events which are for members and their families to enjoy e.g. New Years Eve, Christmas, Halloween, etc. In addition members or staff organise a variety of regular activities throughout the year such as summer Bar-B-Q′s, quiz and race nights, ladies nights, entertainment evenings, disco evenings etc.

Monies raised by its social activities help finance the rent, management and upkeep of The Forum Community Centre.

The Forestdale Forum is fully licensed and it is regularly hired for private functions e.g. Wedding Receptions, Anniversaries, Birthdays etc. If you are interested in hiring the Forum as a venue, please contact us on Tele: 020 8651 2484 after 12.00 noon.

Punch & Judy show  Diamond Jubilee celebrations  Father Christmas at the Forum
The members bar  A disco at the Forum
Kiddies party at the Forum  Diamond Jubilee celebrations