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Forestdale Forward Group
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Forestdale Forward Details

An FRA committee meets three times per year to further the interests of Forestdale and all its residents. The Forestdale Forward Group involves the FRA hosting regular meetings of the chairs and representatives from management companies across the whole estate. These meetings discuss and exchange information on cross estate issues and can be important in strengthening and supporting our whole local community. They are often also attended by our local councillors, Croydon Council officers, police and fire brigade representatives and sometimes our MP.

If you are the chair, secretary or a member of the residents board of any of the management companies on the estate and not attending these meetings please inform us of your email contact address so we can send out an invitation to you for these meetings, − please forward your chair′s or representatives′ email address using our Contact link, sending the message to the FRA Chairman.

A Joint Management Committee
together with the FRA and other local representatives
meets three times per year at

Forestdale Forward Remit

For chairs and a representative from each management company on Forestdale to meet on a four to six monthly basis to share, exchange information on immediate local cross estate issues and liaise with the FRA on such issues:

  • To possibly agree generic strategies / approaches / actions / possible estate wide initiatives and / or lobbying tactics to local representatives on such issues.
  • To further the joint interests of all the management companies and the FRA.
  • To improve liaison between the FRA, the estate management companies, Croydon Council, local police colleagues and any other relevant local agencies.
  • To help further the interests of all Forestdale residents.
  • To attempt to bring about improvements in the Estate, its management, its environment, its community and recreational activities.

The meetings to take place at the Forum and be chaired by a member of the FRA committee and hosted by members of the FRA committee.

To invite key local representatives such as our local councillors, local MP, local police colleagues, local street scene officer / graffiti officer etc.